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All the Staff at Vanfleet Transport Ltd would like to congratulate:

Jack Kennedy on winning the National 600ss Championship; Mick Weldon on winning the Southern Center Clubmans Championship and Pat Duffy, Paul Barron, Derek Kane and Derek Sheils who all rode VTL Hondas in 2005.

The Team effort from:
Gerry and Craig Coburn (TAG Racing), Tom Fitzsimons (TAG Racing), Paddy Kennedy (Dad), Vera Kennedy (Mum), Pat Bradley Racing, Mick Lanigan & Danny Lyons (Santry Motorcycles), Bob Lloyd (Nevis Marketing), Richa Oxtar, Mick (Global Distributors), Clive (Planet Fun), Paul Swords Cars, Calpida Pumps, Tom (Meller), Steve (NDM), Patsy (Iveco), Power Tool Repair Services. Without the input from all the above and others we could not have made 2005 happen. Many Thanks.

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